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My all time passion and love for pixel art illustration and graphics is always strong but yet to find some time to hand on it. Pixel art as the name implied, are graphics that are created pixel by pixel, at the same size that they are seen on screen. Sometimes when I am in need to design some isometric landscapes, I will use illustrator CS2’s 3D tools to design some quick buildings and skyscrapers. 🙂

But for those who really keen in learning, I would suggest to spend some quality time, start afresh to learn the isometric drawing skill from some really great pixel art sites. I have compiled a list of them here, let’s start exploring..

eBoy : they are Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr who create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork.


Super Totto : showcase for pixel art designer Totto Renna. There are games, free desktop wallpapers, screen savers and more.

Super Totto

Styledeficit : Site of UK designer Denise Wilton. This site has a fun CityCreator which you can play along to build pixel artworks and save your creations to share them with friends later.


Habbo Hotel : is a virtual community where you can hang out with friends, design your own unique space and create your own games and competitions.

Habbo Hotel

Army of trolls : portfolio site of Switzerland based designer Gary J Lucken, site showcase his works and an arcade game that can be downloaded to play.

Army of trolls

GAS 13 : Site designed by a freelance pixel artist Alexey Garkushin, featuring games, his pixel art works and tutorials.

GAS 13

Kenneth Fejer : site by pixel artist Kenneth Fejer, the isocity is a must see for pixel art lovers.

Kenneth Fejer

Nitrome : have a great fun playing some of the arcade games here.


Pixel Joint : a community dedicated to the pixel art style, with galleries, tutorials and forum.
Pixel Museum : a virtual museum with
over 150 international top artists in different sections such as photography and pixel art.

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