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All reviews written here are based on my personal experiences during the whole shopping process till I received my items. I am not in any case affiliate to any of the sites below. If you have your own shopping experience, feel free to drop a few lines of comments here.

I have stop writting about online shopping reviews for quite a while and decided to resume it again. The third review is on I started to shop at Bebe only from Jan 2011 and this is my 4th purchase. I will be adding some pros and cons in the review from now on..

Shipping: Although Bebe offers direct shipping back to Singapore and I found that it is much cheaper to ship via VPOST. It takes about 5 days with Bebe Standard shipping to arrive at my Vpost USA and another 5 to 7 days for Vpost to deliver to me.

Quality of clothing: Overall, Bebe clothing is good in quality. I have ordered some of their signature logo T-shirts and they are sparkling gorgeous. However the white color logo shirts is too sheer to my liking. If the fabric can be made slightly thicker and it will be perfect.

My most recent purchase include a nice black lace top as shown below, the quality of the fabric is pretty good.

Mock Neck 3/4 Sleeve Lace Top

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