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by Caty at 6:17 pm Posted in News & Update

Just about to settle down after my 8 days Hong Kong trip in early Dec, a pretty tired trip in fact, rushing everywhere and many late nights. A trip that should be relaxing and refreshing turned out to be an exhausted one. Well will post later in my travel section, when I have the time, lol. The best part was taking tons of photos and waiting to be uploaded to my Flickr album, hmm.. to be exact, I have not be able to transfer the photos to my local computer from my camera because of my busy schedules with the web design projects.
Anyway, as the holiday season draws near, holiday mood begin to swing high as well. 🙂 Merry Christmas to everyone!


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by Caty at 4:10 pm Posted in News & Update

Hmm… I know I know, it has been quite a while since I last update my blog. Rather busy in Oct and Nov, working with several web design projects etc.. Down with a flu now and feeling rather drowsy at all time after talking those flu medicine. Well, this is life, sick or not, as a freelancer I still need to carry on working. Just managed to unload a bunch of banners design 5 minutes ago and finally time to write an update.

For those who did follow my blog, I was asking for opinion on the Sony digital camera T200 and eventually, I got a gift of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX55 instead. What I like most here is the Intelligent Auto Mode which allows me to point and shoot the camera without having to worry about choosing the right mode or settings, well, I am not a pro in photography anyway, what I just need is to capture something that I can use it my web design projects, especially those in Macro mode, it is simply easy to use.

I will adding some shots in my Flickr album soon, so stay tune…


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6 Comments Featured on W3C sites

by Caty at 9:16 am Posted in Design, News & Update

I feel indeed honored as Caty’s Blog is featured on W3C sites on 9th Aug. It is the 2nd time my sites received the recognition from W3C sites! A great news for a designer!


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by Caty at 4:01 am Posted in News & Update

Finally, my blog is now open to public. It took me almost 2 months to get the whole blog setup, design actually took the least time, but the research about WordPress, sourcing and play around with the plugins were very time consuming for a first timer. There are indeed more to explore and learn.

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