Caty Design Studio in “25 Hot Female Web Designers” list

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Caty Design Studio is in the list of 25 Hot Female Web Designers which is compiled by Lee Munroe, a freelance web designer from Ireland. Check out the post for links to the list of other fantastic female designers there.

25 Hot Female Web Designers


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KVLT Magazine

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Updated Mar 2016: This post is no longer being updated!

This post featured KVLT(pronounced “cult”) which is a fresh new Singapore-based portal and bi-monthly online magazine that focuses on Asian art, design, music and fashion. KVLT provides online space for galleries, collectives, artists, brands, designers and musicians to be publicized and featured.

KVLT Magazine is currently on its second issue: “Loveless”. The third will be launching on the 27th of November.

KVLT Magazine

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My vinyl toys collection 2

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My 1st ever collection of Dunny Series 5 is finally here. I bought the entire case of 25 and got 9 duplicates designs: 2 Devilrobots, MAD, Reach, Toofly, Aya Kakeda, Amanda Visell, JK5 and Sneaky Raccoon.

Actually I am not a die-hard Dunny fan and simply collect them just for fun as most of the design looks pretty cool. Since I am relatively new to vinyl toy collection, I didn’t know that even if I purchase the whole case, it does not guaranty to get the complete set :oops:(I realized that only after I bumped into kidrobot forum). I managed only to get 16 out of the 19 set. But guess I am still super lucky, I have the 1 of 600 Golden Tickets redeemable for an exclusive, 3-inch Huck Gee Dunny. This make up with the disappointment in collecting the complete 19.

Dunny Series 5 case

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An update

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It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Well, I was rather busy designing quite a number of Zen-cart template designs for a regular Danish client in the past 3 months. Then I fell sick for nearly a month till now(but still working on projects), coughing badly and fever for 3 to 4 days, antibiotics and paracetamol are 2 of my newly found best friends, 👿

Every week when I think I am finally getting better, the cough and fever would just come back to attack me again and whole cycle repeats itself, till this week. Seen doctor twice and even tried TCM(Traditional Chinese medicine), still drinking bitterly Chinese medicine at the time being, 3 times a day. Sigh, what a bug, what a life…

Just a little update..


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