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Another series of my online shopping experiences begin here. All reviews written here are based on my personal experiences during the whole shopping process till I received my items. I am not in any case affiliate to any of the sites below. If you have your own shopping experience, feel free to drop a few lines of comments here.

The first one that I am going to review is Ralph Lauren. I have been a regular to this site since 2008. During the 1st year, everything from shipping to the quality of clothes were perfect. Shipping has always be fast and satisfactory. But things started to turn sour since the begining of this year.

I bought a tight skirt on Jan and when I received my item, there was dirt visible on it. So without hesitation, I hand washed it immediately. To my horror the black dye ran like mad under the running tap. The light yellow part of the skirt was stained with the black dye and as you can imagine, the whole skirt was in terrible condition. I didn’t even have a chance to wear it for once. I had taken a few pictures and sent them to the RL customer service. During that time I did receive a prompt and courtesy reply from them. The customer service requested the item to be sent back for inspection. After checking with my local post service provider, I realized the cost of sending back the item to US was expensive, even more expensive than I were to buy another piece of the skirt. I wrote back to explain the whole situation to RL. As a courtesy, a credit for the skirt have been issued back to me.

Well, at that time I just wondered why did such a big and reputable shop has such an under-sight on their part, to not run through a more thorough quality inspection. Nevertheless I continued to have faith in Ralph Lauren and still shop with them regularly after this incident.

So, things went fine for a few more purchases but the horror began on September. Sigh!

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