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I am playing with my iPod Touch for a while and notice that I cannot add videos to a playlist as what it can be done on music. When I do a search in google and found that it is rather a known problem. iPod Touch users will understand the frustration that every time it finishes playing a video, you have to manually click to the next one to play, no continuous play option, no grouping of a favorites list…

Well, I decided not to give up and try to find an alternative to add a video playlist again. And after much effort of trying, including accidentally deleted my whole iPod contents, I manage to add video playlists successfully from now onwards. Below are the detail steps of how to do it, well, quite some works but I guess it does pay off when come to enjoy the continuous video playing(or even shuffle)on my iPod Touch later.

One very important info pointed out by commenter Mikmor: all the steps below are referring to iPod software version 2 or higher, btw, the 1st snapshot has shown clearly of my software version, if anyone would notice.

Step 1: you need to set up iTunes to automatically sync with the iPod. In my case, I still wish to have some control over the “Fully automatic sync”, hence under the main option page, I tick the checkbox of “Sync only checked songs and videos. See snapshot below.

Under Summary Option

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